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Me first mental health box

Choose who you want to bless with a mental health box . 

Categories Young Adults 12-18, Single Parent, Families affected by Gun Violence and Veterans.

Included in Box a journal, meditation CD, aromatherapy,  scream pillow, candles, jumprope, Wellness Resistance band, herbal teas,  stress ball, Mindfulness Cards, diffusers, small bible, and more.


Understand oneself and how the mind works.

Nurture the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Process emotions in a healthy way.

Create a successful self care regimen.

Establish a healthy learning environment and boundaries.


Soup Kitchen

1 in 6 people in America face hunger.


40% of food is thrown out in the US every year or about $165 billion worth.

Let's cook healthy!

This is an in-person and/or online cooking class taught by vegan chefs, bloggers, cookbook authors, social media influencers and celebrities who are changing perceptions about veganism in the black community. Learn about the benefits of a plant-based whole foods diet. Introduce school-aged children and their families together to learn about plant based eating, planning meals as a family, and working together in the kitchen. Lessons cover meal preparation, grocery shopping, food budgeting and nutrition. Teaches adults  how to prepare and shop for vegan meal on a limited budget.

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To provided Black communities with healthy organic plant based options.

Provide valuable knowledge related to health and nutrition.


Support our programs.

Support our programs.

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